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-to be overwhelmed-

When I see a landscape with an endless horizon, when I visit a shrine or a church, when I feel a great presence or have an intense experience, I feel a sensation that cannot be put into words. I have always been in pursuit of such sensations. Other worldly things like societal criticism, enlightenment, and contextual things are frivolous and bore me. As of now, I simply make what I want to see and find those who can relate to my works. I’m going to break through the years of living as a designer and make this my new true starting point. With this initial impulse in mind, I will exhibit the three-dimensional works that I have been creating for about two years, which I can call my own.


Sculptor, digital artist, and character designer, working domestically and internationally as an artist and commercial designer using various mediums. From 2018 he began his career as a solo artist using “awe and ecstasy of the natural world” as well as subjective memories, experiences, and images as his main motifs, and has participated in various international exhibitions since the beginning of his career. His method of creating three-dimensional works is based on his 10 years of working as a commercial designer, in which he cultivated techniques of 3DCG simulation and modeling. Depending on the work, his production method uses various materials such as wood, acrylic, and metal.