Word Has It

Rob Judges

  • Fri, Oct 28 - Sun, Nov 06 2016
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Reception Party
    Sun, Oct 28, 6pm - 9pm
  • Free entrance

“Word Has It” – The latest exciting body of work by visuali​st​ Rob Judges. On display will be striking modular paintings made with ink, acrylic and spray paint on square wood panels, in which humour, weirdness and oddly familiar elements from our image world frolic in a post-20th-century spatial haze.

The unique visual world of Rob Judges is built on the idea that words are objects and information is a medium. His artwork is an attempt to expand the language of art, and the juxtaposition of jumbled text, symbols and floating objects in these inter-connectable paintings proposes a new kind of visual grammar which pilots us from the “information age” into the “imagination age”.

Designed to be hung as individual artworks or as clusters which form a larger picture, these pieces remind us that an artwork’s edge is artificial and that the world of the artist extends beyond it.

Judges understands that what happens in the studio is a dialogue between creator and creation, but hopes that the creations in “Word Has It” will bring viewers into the conversation. If art is the means by which a culture describes itself to itself, then this exhibition can be seen as a commentary on our modern, soundbite culture, asking viewers to ask themselves, “What does it all mean?”