We Cool?

Paul Wig

  • Fri, Aug 16 - Wed, Aug 21 2019
    Open on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Reception
    Fri, Aug 16, 19:00-21:30
  • Free entrance

“We Cool?”: an expression used often amongst friends to see if the relationship is healthy, mutually beneficial, or simply still in existence.

In today’s day and age, modern technology has helped keep us connected but has it brought us closer together?

This Summer, in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, UltraSuperNew Gallery is hosting artists from around the world who have responded to the question proposed by Paul Wig, “We Cool?”.

This group, collaborative show is the collective response in mixed media forms. From oil paint to nail art and fine jewelry, the eclecticness of the art speaks to the diversity that can exist in the ecosystems of friendships.

International artist include:
@willnichols @nana_uchida @james3vans @cabbage.lovl @donald_death @dannymaker @atlasfoto @oylmiller @gymstandard @swishprojects @arena_embrodoidery and @chriscadaver

We Cool?

Artist Profile

Paul Wig, splitting time between Tokyo & Portland, Oregon is a gallery represented artist, currently a Creative Director, always in love.