The Wonderful World of Tokyo Transport

Tymen Visser

  • Thu, Jun 11 - Fri, Jun 26 2015
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00 – 19:00
  • Free entrance

Dutch artist Tymen Visser presents The wonderful world of Tokyo transport – a collection of images of the mundane yet iconically Tokyo-like scenes of a daily commute. The bold designs and solid areas of pure colour breath life into what most consider a dull and dreaded experience. Visser conjures beauty and tells the untold story of each character, reminiscent of European style cartoon frames. What is so often described as “human in a sardine can” now becomes an open story book for interpretation and inspiration to understand and explore the colourful characters that co-exist with us in the city. It is a warm reminder that by opening our senses to our surroundings, a deep sense of humanity can prevail in a society where one can so easily dissolve into conformity and insignificance.

To compliment the TOKYO TRAIN series, Visser presents the FACE OF VAN GOGH – an iconification of the great Dutch artist in celebration of his 125th anniversary. Van Gogh, also highly influenced by Japan’s interpretation of beauty, was at the forefront of the Japonisme movement which impacted so many of the great European 1 artists of his time.

Despite generations gone by and a transformation of society through globalisation, a sense of clear purity is found and shared by Visser. It is an acknowledgement that despite the evolution of our times and society, the essence of beauty and art prevail.