TOKYO TOTEM Exhibition

A Guide to Tokyo

  • Fri, Oct 30 - Tue, Nov 24 2015
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00 – 19:00
  • Opening Reception
    Tue, Oct 30, 18:30-21:00
    Sponsored by Heineken
  • Free entrance

Tokyo (Flick Studio, 2015) UltraSuperNew Gallery is hosting an exhibition in which ideas from the book will be unpacked, elaborated and explored.

A totem can be understood as a personal guide or an emblem that serves some group as a homing device, an orientation or a rallying point. In Tokyo there are many totems. Walking its many streets one encounters emblems that signify, for example, certain spirits or gods, fashion tribes, neighborhoods, consumer preferences, professions, or corporate affiliations. But these totems also exist within you. Perhaps your designer eye can’t help seeing the typical color spectrum of the city, or perhaps your musical ear is eager to block out the 5 o’clock tune that signals the end of school. The title of this book is an ode to these many social and deeply personal signifiers, which somehow help Tokyoites navigate their infinite cityscape, and it also represents our wish that you may find your own totems.

During the opening, the last part of the exhibition will be produced with the Tokyo Totem Photo Booth. Portraits of the visitors will be taken and blended with the faces of Tokyo. Joining the city with its inhabitants, and thus collapsing the people and their city into one image.

Music will be supplied by DJ’s Volcano Porc, Aoki Southball, Deks on Deks and others.

The exhibition is a co-production between makers of the book, Monnik and Studio RooieJas, and the Eddie the Eagle Museum, and will show work of: Aukje Dekker, Arthur van Beek, Yasutaka Yoshimura, Jasper van den Berg, Edwin Gardner, Christiaan Fruneaux, Simon Wald-Lasowski and Keez Duyves (PIPS:lab)



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