Tokyo Higher Consciousness

Metamo Industries

  • Tue, Oct 25 - Sun, Oct 30 2022
    Open on weekends
  • 11:00〜19:00
  • Reception
    Fri, Oct 28, 18:00〜21:00
  • Free entrance

METAMO Industries and ULTRASUPERNEW gallery proudly present Tokyo Higher Consciousness exhibition.

“The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. COVID-19 has made it difficult to interact physically, while the rapid development of digital technology simultaneously allows us to communicate and create artwork in another level of reality.”

This is what we, METAMO Industries, wrote when we had the first “Liquid Singapore Designs” art exhibition in Singapore 2021. Since then, the world has started moving again. We are super happy to have this long awaited opportunity to present our show in Japan. There is no way of going back to the old, pre-COVID system and way of thoughts, we only have to adapt and evolve ourselves both in social and artistic ways. “Tokyo Higher Consciousness” is the expansion of Liquid Singapore Designs. The exhibition will be our endeavor to show the alternative way to connect virtual and real world with digital technology such as 3D printing, 2D digital printing, immersive environment and projection. Art and technology are coherent with each other. By utilizing novel digital technology into art, it will show the different aspects of technology available now that most people have never encountered.

Meet the inhabitants of the multiverse NamelessOnes, a series of full colour 3D printed figurines which are fusion of ancient animistic spirits and digital technology materialized into this dimension by artist humanoise.

There will be 40 unique artworks exhibited. Including 12 NFT artworks.
The evolution of the artwork series Liquid Singapore Designs by SuperCyberTown are snapshots of a higher dimensional scale, a refraction through the quantum foam where each bubble that arises is a different path along the experience of reality. Patterns and colours melt into the ShamelessOnes, emergent creatures born from unfinished ideas and thoughts lost in the chaos of the digital realm.

Generous support from Mimaki Singapore made it possible to explore and expand the possibilities of digital printing both in 2D(JFX200-2513EX) and 3D print. The NamelessOnes series was materialized with 3DUJ-553, with a world first capability of utilising over 10 million colours to achieve full colour modeling, based on the technology Mimaki has developed in 2D inkjet printers for professionals use. 3DUJ-553 can print opaque and transparent material simultaneously. NamelessOnes series’ unique look is the embodiment of this unparalleled technology.

SuperCyberTown (Race Krehel) (US/SG)

SuperCyberTown is a Southeast Asia based creative entity that utilizes cutting-edge technology in unique ways to bring inspiring visions of the world of tomorrow to life, today. With more than a decade of experience in visual effects, virtual reality, and interactive media, SuperCyberTown seeks to change the way that people perceive the world around them. Collaborations over the years have ranged from massive activations for high profile global brands, live musical performances, prestigious cultural festivals, and intimate themed exhibitions. SuperCyberTown wants to help build a fantastical vision of the future where technology has erased all restraints on creativity and anything is possible.

humanoise (Taketo Kobayashi) (JP/SG)

After having experience of 3D graphics and animation at Tokyo Institute of Technology creative laboratory, and Gonzo Co., Ltd., Taketo started his own project as an artist. Using digital technology like CG, 3D printing as his “brush”, Taketo creates a wide variety of artworks from 3D printed sculpture to animation. In a collaboration project XSENSE, Taketo utilizes CGI in street art to create murals(Denver, CO, USA), also using his unique style animation for stage design and collaborated with contemporary Noh theatrical group. In addition to creating his own artworks, Taketo curates various art exhibit, including “Digital G-O-D” exhibit at ULTRASUPERNEW, 2020. It is Taketo's mission to make invisible things, emotions, energy, next dimensions of consciousness into “shapes”.