TAKERU AMANO SOLO EXHIBITION – Primavera The Appearance of Venus –

Takeru Amano

  • Tue, Apr 06 - Thu, Apr 29 2021
    Open on weekends
  • 1:00pm - 7:00pm (Closed on Mondays)
  • Free entrance

“ TAKERU AMANO SOLO EXHIBITION – Primavera The Appearance of Venus – ” will be on show at UltraSuperGallery in Harajuku, displaying portraits of Venus in the iconic bold lines and composition alongside the never before seen work “impression Primavera” featuring motifs of impressionist landscapes.

Highly acclaimed both in Japan and overseas, artist Takeru Amano studied woodblock printing in New York and is now based between Tokyo and Paris where he creates and exhibits his iconic works that combine cute and fleeting qualities packaged simply within clear colors. At this exhibition, he will be displaying 20 works created in 2021 including works resembling Impressionist landscapes that form a whole new genre of their own. Be sure to check out the works by Takeru Amano, who is rapidly gaining even more attention across the world, as he pays homage to traditional art through inspired ways.


Contemporary artist born in Tokyo in 1977, With his unique expression of “NEW ART” combining pop art and classic art, he exhibits works in fairs and galleries in cities all over the world including Paris, Tokyo, London and New York. Apart from paintings and sculptures, he has also done a variety of collaborations from artiste CD/LP jackets with Tomita Lab to backpacks featuring Yoji Yamamoto’s dog for apparel brand discord Yoji Yamamoto.