Makio & Floz

  • Mon, Apr 01 - Thu, Mar 07 2019
    Open on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Reception
    Tue, Apr 2, 19:00 - 21:30
  • Free entrance

UltraSuperNew Gallery is thrilled to present, “Symbiose,” an exhibition featuring the works of Makio & Floz, a French collaborative unit whose works explore new ways of creating visuals through new media.

“Symbiose” is an installation featuring two digital paintings in constant evolution based on the organic process of symbiosis. The biological term refers to the interaction between two organisms living in close physical association. The two paintings, acting as organisms, have their own will but evolve in parallel. The paintings will demonstrate a range of interactions from synchronization to disaccord.

The exhibit is a provocative exploration of contrasts as it integrates old and new elements such as sculptural paintings and projection mapping to dissect components and core themes of the natural world using technology. Pushing the boundaries of creativity, Makio & Floz injects technology into the center of their work. In doing so, they reinvent the gallery experience by creating dynamic installations that shed fresh and new perspectives on existing ideas. At its core,“Symbiose,” is an exhibition that celebrates the union between the past and present, natural and synthetic, in efforts to see what could be discovered next.

Artist Profile

Makio & Floz are a French collaborative duo who explores visual creation through media art. With an affinity for technology and new media, the duo explores generative and interactive visuals through data. The code is at the center of all their creations which range from projection mapping, robots, VJ, installations, and web experience. They are based both in Paris and Tokyo.