• Fri, Nov 01 - Fri, Nov 22 2013
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00 – 19:00
  • Free entrance

“Strangelands” is a continuously evolving project, exploring a strange, hidden world that surrounds us. It physically exists between the boundaries of the everyday and the exotic—marginal places such as abandoned quarries, deserted beaches and swamps.
It’s a world inspired by the Decadence – where the creation of a mythic, dreamlike state overcomes the observational quality of the photographic process. The resultant effect is a combination of abstraction and realism, producing a body of work that is as intimate and beautiful as it is mysterious and resounding.Inspired by the land — the texturally rich elements around them — their world is a place where rare, imperfectly beautiful things dwell. A shard of quartz, intricately hand-braided kangaroo leather, a burning field of sugar cane — slivers of earth, time and memory are cast into their work.

Each piece of jewelry is of a limited edition and is a real labour of love with Lynn&Tony hand making everything themselves in their Sydney studio. It is work, which has a preoccupation with the sustainable, the artisanal, transfigurative and the personally affective. A universe of wonder speaks to Lynn&Tony, providing them with natural objects — visions and amulets unnoticed. In turn, the artists simply build.