Shinichi Ichikawa Photo Exhibition “Mistaken Connections”

Shinichi Ichikawa

  • Sat, Mar 05 - Sun, Mar 06 2022
    Open on weekends
  • March 5th (Sat) 10:00〜21:00, March 6th (Sun) 10:00〜18:00
  • Free entrance

For two days from March 5th (Sat) to March 6th (Sun) 2022, UltraSuperNew Gallery Harajuku will present photographer Shinichi Ichikawa’s photo exhibition “Mistaken Connections”.

Shinichi Ichikawa’s exhibition will feature individual human body photographs of 50 different people of various ages, ethnicities, and sexualities pieced together into a single abstract work.  

By viewing the forms of each body, we can get a small glimpse into the lives and identities of each individual. The human body and skin is essentially engraved with the way we have all lived our lives. Through piecing together each photo, a distorted and slightly grotesque mass is formed, while still maintaining the individuality and diversity of each person photographed.

Shinichi Ichikawa’s exhibition aims to treat each individual equally, respecting each person’s way of thinking, life, and background in a uniform manner.

Shinichi Ichikawa

Born in Fukuoka in 1985. Graduated from the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.
After working for an advertising production company, became a freelance photographer in 2015.