Sakura first solo exhibition: Brand-new Puzzle


  • Fri, Aug 20 - Fri, Sep 03 2021
    Closed on Monday
  • 12:00-20:00 *Open until 17:00 on 9/3(Fri)
  • Free entrance

Graphic artist Sakura will have her first solo exhibition “Brand-new Puzzle” on display at UltraSuperNew Gallery in Harajuku from 8/20-9/3. With her art often being influenced and reminiscent of California culture, her solo exhibition will also focus on her life in Japan and the things close to her.

In the midst of the changes in our lives and environment, Sakura’s works will showcase her life perspective as she spends her days like a puzzle, gradually piecing together new ways of living.


born in 1994.
Illustrator/Graphic Artist in Tokyo
drawing Illustration for interior furnishings shop.
unico / TheTavern