RICK solo Exhibition “Defying Barriers”


  • Sat, Aug 14 - Wed, Aug 18 2021
    Closed on Monday
  • 11:00 - 19:00 *Open until 17:00 on 8/18(Wed)
  • Free entrance

During his career as an artist, Rick has held great aspirations and ideals for himself, yet has felt his potential limited by his inner thoughts telling him “I can’t do it”, before attempting the challenges facing him. This exhibition represents a defiance against the previous barriers created in his mind through his new style of expression created in 2021.

Rick’s exhibition at UltraSuperNew Gallery from August 14th (Sat) to August 18th (Wed) will include works displayed through SNS platforms, as well as a retrospective of his layered acrylic art displayed at artgallery opaltimes in Osaka. The main visual of the exhibition represents a defiant struggle between a service worker who has renounced the barriers facing her, and the gatekeeper Cerberus.


Artist and illustrator working independently from 2017.

In the 10 years working in corporate environments until now, he has established himself by working with Japan’s largest artists designing character concepts, furthering his style of illustration and design.

In recent years he has worked to make authentic self expression and staying true to oneself a focus of his art. He is also a lover of adorable animals.