Raster 01

Federico Cabrera

  • Thu, May 12 - Tue, May 31 2016
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00am - 19:00pm
  • Free entrance

RASTER 01 is a series of works by Federico Cabrera, inspired by the definition of a Raster Graphic image.

In computer graphics there are two kinds of graphics, raster and vector. A Vector graphic is infinitely scalable in size, whereas a raster graphic can not be modified or changed in size without loosing its quality and original intended form or look.

We can look at a photograph of a woman turning, captured in a fraction of a second. The closer we look the more obvious it becomes that the photograph is build with a multitude of tiny dots, working together to create something larger than themselves – something they themselves will never see or understand as we do, looking from afar.

That photograph represents us – we are the dots building a universe which we will never get to see or fully understand. In the way we are together – imperfect and unique – we create something larger than ourselves, something perfect in its own imperfection.

Artist Profile

Federico Cabrera

Federico Cabrera (1981) is a multidisciplinary artist born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently based in Helsinki, Finland.

Cabrera’s vision has been applied to different creative projects and ventures in the fields of fashion and design. He is currently the creative director of REVS Magazine and director of creative agency SECT ET SEPT. His extensive experience in the creative field include projects such as GILLES ET DADA fashion label and WHO SAID WE CANT gallery, offering a platform for young emerging artists.