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The more social you are, the more likely you are to “Experience” your boundaries every day. We, who live in a cycle of being connected and separated, have each and every story.

Fukuda Momoko is an artist who seems to be describing the story.

When I see her work, I feel the warmth of the human touch, and at the same time also feel a tingling pain. Because what is depicted in it is an act of your body that you do not always look at, and at the same time you cannot help feeling uneasy about the extraordinary wonders of the human connection. It feels like you’re facing the boundaries between people, the realities that exist under their bodies.

Artist Profile

Momoko Fukada

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture and raised in Chiba Prefecture, Momoko graduated from the oil painting major of Musashino Art University in 2019. She entered the graduate school of the same university where she currently attends.
She has an interest in the topic of sexuality and bodies.
Momoko is mainly engaged in painting, wandering between graphical expression and pictorial expression.