Nico Perez solo exhibition: Havana Cuba “The Reprint”

Nico Perez

  • Sat, Nov 20 - Sun, Nov 28 2021
    Closed on Monday
  • 11:00-19:00
  • Free entrance

I had an exhibition earlier in the year in February/March 2021 which for me personally was an important visual piece to share. It was an emotional expression and there was a ‘blue’ I wanted to show in that work. As this year progressed I found myself looking for the colour in life and I started to look back and remember a trip I had taken for an assignment for TRANSIT magazine 4 years ago. At the time it was January in Tokyo, Winter. I was living through a particularly hard experience in life and was desperate to breathe a different air. I was very fortunate to find my self on the other side of the world in Havana, Cuba on this assignment. I was overwhelmed by the streaks of light and colour I saw around me, the warmth and the energy. I immediately knew I had to share this experience in the exact way I felt it. Spontaneous splashes of light, expressive colours flowing into the photographs as they flowed through me as I embraced the energy around me.

Thank you Havana, Cuba.

Nico Perez

Born in 1986, Malaga, Spain. Moved to London, England, as a child and lived between Spain and England throughout his childhood. In 2008, he visited Tokyo for the first time and was inspired by the city's ``blue`` atmosphere and urban loneliness. In 2009, he was selected to take part in a workshop with photographer Rinko Kawauchi in London, which inspired him to become a photographer and move to Tokyo. In 2015, he released his first photography book ``Momentary`` and held a solo exhibition ``Momentary`` at the same time. Since then, he has held solo exhibitions ``Stills from life`` 2016, ``Kingsland Road`` 2018, ``Chasing Blue`` 2019 & 離れる|Take Off, 2021. He lives and works in Tokyo.