Nanako Araie exhibition / live in the light

Nanako Araie

  • Tue, Sep 27 - Sun, Oct 02 2022
    Open on weekends
  • 11:00〜19:00 *Until 18:00 on October 2nd (Sun)
  • Free entrance

From September 27th (Tue) to October 2nd (Sun) 2022, UltraSuperNew Gallery Harajuku will present Nanako Araie’s photo exhibition “live in the light”. 

Nanako Araie is a photographer whose CV most recently includes shooting visuals for the two-person exhibition “Glass Exhibition” by harunasugie and Mutsumi Hagiwara held at Aoyama Spiral in August, shooting merchandise, live performances, and interviews for the concept tour “Light Trap Trip” by the three-piece girl band Regallily, and has shot an extensive list of actors and models.

The daily life of Tokyo, as she captures it, is somehow wrapped in warmth. The streets, greenery, and gentle sunlight that we see everyday. Her photographs are characterized by the fact that they make us love even such ordinary moments. This will be her first solo exhibition, and will primarily feature photographs of the city in which she lives and her daily life, taken on film.

『live in the light』

“A small, mundane moment may seem trivial
to someone other than myself

I think that such moments
are irreplaceable and precious
When did I start to think that way?

The people who taught me that it’s not only the big things that are important
Today I record the smallest glimmers of light
Knowing that we are always surrounded by warm light”

Nanako Araie / 新家菜々子

Born in 1998.
Currently based in Tokyo, she shoots mainly on film.
This is her first solo exhibition.