Nao Kataoka

  • Fri, Jan 17 - Wed, Jan 22 2020
    Open on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm (First day from 12:00~)
  • Free entrance

Whenever I entered Nao’s studio, I found myself gulping down my excitement. There, you find giant stacks of canvas, colorful paint tubes all over the floor, and her back, as always, facing the canvas.

Nao’s oil paintings shock the viewer with its colorful use of pigments and liveliness. At the same time, one can not escape asking themselves, “who is the one drawn on the canvas?”. Because as one looks closer at the human figure, one notices with it its traces of vicious energy. To me it is almost like a person’s life force splashed on a canvas.

Artist Profile

Nao Kataoka

Born in Niigata in 1984. After graduating from the Law Department, Faculty of Law, Niigata University, she enrolled into Musashino Art University where she graduated from the Oil Painting Department, Faculty of Art and Design. She currently works for a judicial scrivener office.