Imano Tokyo Talk Session

  • Sat, Jun 11 - Sat, Jun 11 2016
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Free entrance

Imano Tokyo – Slices of the real Tokyo

News of the upcoming 2020 Olympics has showered Japan with attention, resulting in a feeling of excitement that wraps itself around the country and spreads beyond. And at the heart of this lies its capital, Tokyo; a location covered and discovered by media throughout the world. But Tokyo is more than the cool and the beautiful. It’s more than the picturesque views and the quirky fashion. Tokyo’s real charm blooms from the people that have made it home, and the portraits they paint with the flow of their lives.

The Imano Tokyo event aims to take you on a tour of Tokyo through the eyes of the creatives who have made it their everyday; it’s a picture of the city, drawn in the slices of its culture, its people, and its places.

We will be lunching a talk session with the creators who participated in this edition of IMANO TOKYO sketch tour. We will be also talking about how this project started and why we are willing to publish a book about this project in Spanish speakers countries and so on. We hope you enjoy this talk and come to have some drinks with us and enjoy some of the works that illustrators created this time for the sketch tour.

We will have two Wacom Bamboo Sparks for presents to the audience, if you are lucky you might get one so come and join us!

We are also looking forward to hear about your vision of Tokyo as well.