House 2020

Musashino Art University Graduates

  • Sat, Mar 14 - Sun, Mar 22 2020
    Open on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Free entrance

“House 2020” features 7 graduates from the Printmaking department of Musashino Art University.

In the world of “House 2020” viewers will be confronted not just with print-based artworks on the walls, but also a look into the process of making them, with reoccurring live painting events throughout the exhibition. You will also be able to buy the artists’ hand made prints, stickers, tote bags, iPhone cases, and key chains.

Step in, to the world created by emerging artists!


Artist Profiles

Born in 1998, Shizuoka
Creates works without “edges” in etchings and paintings.
Born in 1997, Tokyo
I draw humans. I am always thinking of going to a lighter place.
Works with woodblocks and acrylic board.
Creator of creatures lurking in the ordinary.
Born in 1998, Tokyo
With lifestyle as her theme, she creates woodblocks and sculptures.
“Having fun” is her motto.
Born in 1998, Shizuoka.
Fascinated by colors and materials, she creates abstract drawings.
Printwork and paintings.
I play around with creatures moving freely inside of my work.
Born in 1996.
Creates plushies with inspiration from his character “Puchi” he created when he was 3 years old.
He lives with his plushie, and send the plushie to his friend’s house for half a year as a “home stay”.
Working also with animation and sounds he owns OCIRCO RECORDS.