Hand Made Book Festival Vol.2

  • Fri, Feb 12 - Fri, Feb 19 2016
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Reception
    Mon, Feb 12, 19:00 - 22:00
  • Free entrance

UltraSuperNew Gallery will be hosting a ZINE exhibition “HAND MADE BOOK FESTIVAL vol.2”.

The total of 27 artists will exhibit their handmade ZINEs that they made with free spirit in mind. There are no rules. The selection of Zines curated are pure expression of creativity of each artist.

Based in Shonan and Chigasaki area, the organizer, 3F Community Service is bridging art, community and cities by supporting creators of all age. Their challenge is to explore connections beyond different generation and local communties by breaking the gap in between.

Opening reception will take place on February 12 (Friday) at UltraSuperNew Gallery.

Participating Artists

  • 荒井隆之 (フォトグラファー)
  • RYU AMBE (キャラクターデザイナー)
  • CHRISTINA CHU(デザイナー)
  • 植木 駿(デザイナー)
  • 傳田郁 (スケーター)
  • 傳田太郎”ta-low” (フォトグラファー)
  • 原伸一郎
  • 芳賀秀郷 ”SHU-5” (フォトグラファー)
  • 飯田泰彦 (スケーター)
  • KIO (ペインター)
  • 木頃裕介 (フォトグラファー)
  • 黒田博 (花屋)
  • 加藤翔麗 ”XOLA” (ペインター)
  • LAZY13 (ペインター)
  • MAYA MUKAI (スケーター/デザイナー)
  • Momongabox(デザイナー)
  • 村田一樹 (フォトグラファー)
  • 岡野真人 (油彩画家)
  • 小川潤明 (フォトグラファー)
  • HIRONORI SAKUNAGA (フォトグラファー)
  • SALOTEZUMO (デザイナー)
  • 田村友一朗 (フォトグラファー)
  • 谷口齋隆 (駄菓子屋)
  • 富岡美紀 (ペインター)
  • 冨田隆乃介 (イラストレーター)
  • 高橋創平 (フォトグラファー)
  • AYA WATADA (フォトグラファー)
  • ZONZAI (ペインター)