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Ko-ta Shouji

  • Sat, Apr 27 - Mon, May 06 2019
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  • 1:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Free entrance

The motifs used this time around, flowers and people,
Are subjects that cannot be controlled
Allowing us to feel beauty in all that changes

The subject will change, just as I will change
Though the photograph may only portray the subject,
But within the picture lies my biases along with the viewer’s surroundings and emotions

In that moment, the image expands outside of my own hands
Potentially evolving the story so that it fits the viewer
The possibilities in between and the uncertainty photography provides
May just be the reason why I take photographs

Artist Profile

Ko-ta Shouji
Born in 1983 in Tokyo, Japan.
He started working as a stylist in 2007.
His photography career began in 2014.