GO (5)

Yulia Skogoreva & Olga Gerasim

  • Fri, Nov 01 - Fri, Nov 08 2019
    Open on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Reception
    Fri, Nov 1, 19:00–21:30
  • Free entrance

UltraSuperNew Gallery is proud to present the collaborative mixed media exhibition “GO (5)” from November 1st until November 8th, with an opening reception on Friday, November 1st from 7PM.


Project 72 STEPS

72 STEPS is a collaborative project between two Russian-born Tokyo-based artists, photographer Yulia Skogoreva and designer Olga Gerasim. Sharing a combined 15 years experience of living in Japan the duo’s core artistic practice is rooted in appreciation of Japanese traditions and seasonality. Nature inspired rituals and customs still keep the strong spirit of Japanese identity alive. Even more so, traditions are key for small towns struggling to keep up with urbanisation and population decline. 72 STEPS pays homage to the concept of Japan’s 72 micro seasons with a series of exhibitions highlighting the country’s rural areas through the prism of visual art and dance. The origins of the 72 seasons concept can be found in the ancient 24 season calendar. The 24 divisions were split into three more, to create a more precise 72 season calendar reflecting the uniqueness of nature. Lasting just five days or so, each season shares a special name carefully depicting the tiny, delicate changes in nature that constantly occur around us.


GO (5)

Go (stands for number 5 in Japanese) is the first exhibition of the 72 STEPS project . It is inspired by the tradition of Tango-no-sekku (one of the five ceremonies Gosekku that were held at the Japanese imperial court) celebrated as Children’s Day in modern Japan and ornated with koi fish wind cones – Koinobori. To create this multidisciplinary work which includes photography, drawings, graphic design and performance, Yulia and Olga collaborated with an award-winning Japanese dancer and choreographer Miwa Okuno. Her practice attempts to disassemble the body in order to become free. In Go, Miwa sourced her inspiration in the traditional Japanese butoh dance practices allowing her to visibly float in the sky together with the Koinobori. The exhibition will highlight the collaboration between the three artists through an immersive experience where visitors will be invited to participate and activate installations. Rediscover the fineness and splendor of Japan’s seasons through immersive and participatory performances created by three talented artists.

Miwa Okuno body installation

During the exhibition, Miwa Okuno will perform a body installation with the theme of Past and Memory.


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11/5 13: 00-19: 00

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Artist Profiles

Yulia Skogoreva 

Russian-born fine art and documentary photographer Yulia Skogoreva has been based in Tokyo for the past 10 years. Having majored in Japanese Studies at Moscow State University Yulia worked as an interpreter for Japanese butoh dancers. The backstage life of theatre inspired her to start photographing dancers. With her camera, Yulia has been discovering the unique features and unwrapping challenges of contemporary Japanese society through the prism of dance. Yulia is a recipient of multiple international and Japanese photography awards. Her works have been featured in various exhibitions and photography festivals around the world. 

Olga Gerasim 

Saint-Petersburg native architect and designer Olga Gerasim has been part of multiple international projects that helped her gain recognition in spatial, industrial and interior design fields. Projects include the design of a resort hotel and team and trophy designs for LeMans Championship among others. Having moved to Japan five years ago Olga set on a journey to explore traditional Japanese arts like suiboku-ga, mokuhanga and boro stitching, which she enhances with graphic and spatial design practices. Olga’s innovative approach led to numerous creative achievements including a Nishi-Nihon Shinbun award for a suiboku-ga artwork which was exhibited at the National Art Center, Tokyo in 2018.

Miwa Okuno 

Miwa Okuno is a Japanese dancer and choreographer, leader of N///K dance project. She started practicing modern ballet soon after she learned walking at the age of three, and joined a modern dance club of Daito Bunka University in 2002. Upon graduating from the university Okuno Joined Akiko Kitamura’s dance company Leni・Basso and in 2009 began her independent practice. Miwa is a recipient of multiple awards such as French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographer. She has staged dance performances in Japan and abroad.