Day Dream

Natalia Lewandowska

  • Fri, Nov 18 - Fri, Dec 02 2016
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00am - 7:00pm
  • Free entrance

I’m a dreamer and I like to create dream-like scenes that are on the border of fantasy and reality. I capture landscapes and nature that on their own could be a place one would only see in their dream, and to make it feel real, I like to include a human element in that landscape. The captivating nature surrounding the serene figures creates a surreal ambiance which makes you wonder if what you’re seeing is real or not.

Artist Profile

Natalia Lewandowska was born in Poland, raised in Canada and has been living in Japan for 9 years. With an initial interest in drawing during childhood, and later studying all forms of art in high school, she developed an interest in photography and decided to pursue it as her major in university.

After developing a love for nature while living in Tokyo, Japan, she sought to capture the beauty of various flowers and plants that bloom during the 4 different seasons and use it as the backdrop or environment in which the subject exists. Using photography as the canvas for her work, she continues the process by painting in a digital environment to create images with a surreal ambiance.