Cloud 9


  • Wed, Mar 25 - Mon, Mar 30 2020
    Closed on weekends
  • 12:00pm - 4:00pm
  • Free entrance

UltraSuperNew Gallery is proud to present ‘Cloud 9’, a solo exhibition by mySERENA.

mySERENA is not shy of using masses of color, form and texture to communicate a sense of ‘flow’ in her work. The artist incorporates ideas from her multidisciplinary studies and the techniques she learned during her wide-ranging travels around the world, and uses metaphorical images created with acrylic, pastel, ink, gold leaf, employing both Western and Asian painting techniques. Her paintings feature abstract landscapes with colorful yet meticulous details that absorb the viewer into her world. She is also influenced with iki, a chic yet simple Japanese aesthetic that incorporates the more famous term wabi sabi. Now, she handles her artworks with a more disciplined approach.

Throughout her life, the artist is deeply inspired by nature, and how it affects us as humans. She is particularly fascinated by the moon. It is scientifically proven that the moon affects the oceans and tides, but to what extent does it influence human behaviour? This is a topic that interests the artist endlessly and is also a recurring theme in Chinese folktales. For this reason, mySERENA enjoys depicting landscapes and the moon in her paintings the most. The installation, “Renewal”, of two large suspended burnt golden canvases are the “elevated” illustrations of her new “Alchemy” series. Her innovative use of fire, a symbol of both death and life, is a direct challenge to the classical treatment of a painting surface – a bold alteration that gives new identity to the traditional medium, intending to provoke the audience to think about how they look at transformative events in life.

Artist Profile

mySERENA is an emerging artist from Hong Kong, who travels frequently to Japan for inspiration from its culture and traditions. An affinity developed over the years has led her to choosing to deliver the first show of her world tour in Tokyo. One of her most recent solo art exhibition in 2018, titled ‘Be in Clovers’ at the cultural landmark of Hong Kong City Hall, attracted an international audience, as she was the youngest female artist in the city’s art history to have shown there.