Joel Plunkett

  • Fri, Apr 03 - Tue, Apr 28 2015
    Closed on weekends
  • 10:00 – 19:00
  • Free entrance

Afterimage is the latest body of work by Joel Plunkett, an Australian painter and art educator who has been living in Tokyo for the last 13 years. Afterimage explores conceptions, perceptions and experience of the lived present.

While notions of the present, reality and even of personal identity exist and for many are believed to be an objective fact, these are very much constructs within and of our individual consciousnesses; constructed and shaped by experience and perception, they are plural and ever-changing by their very nature. Drawing a definitive conceptual line around what the present is, who we are and what we do within it therefore becomes problematic at best.

All that we see, say, do and experience, one way or another, leave for us an indelible yet fluid afterimage in our minds’ eye. For me the gap between what something initially was in its so-called present and the trace of which remains for us in our mind is where, if anywhere, that we can find the substance of reality. These afterimages are not only fluid, they also shape the way in which we see, experience and act in all the present moments that follow- essentially all that we are.

This body of work is not only an exploration of all this but also a literal metaphor for the trace of these afterimages that define and redefine our perception and therefore, our very reality.