Dylan Chan and Odelia Yen

  • Fri, Nov 22 - Thu, Nov 28 2019
    Closed on weekends
  • 11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Who? Opening Reception
    Thu, Nov 21, 7:30pm till late
  • Free entrance

In this three-way collaboration, one tries to remember, one cannot recall and one is attempting to forget. We explore the memories of the collective and see how traces of events and people linger in the mind. In the passing faces of people we encounter, do we notice them despite how our minds store such information without us consciously knowing?

26th November, Tuesday, 7.30pm till 9.00pm


Notes on the exhibition

Dylan Chan

About the Artist

Graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts (Painting) at Lasalle College of The Arts, Chan abstracts instances from everyday life in an autobiographical manner. With intimacy and existentialism at the forefront of his work, he attempts to capture ‘encounters’ from lived experiences through photography, text and sketches. He was a recipient of the Winston Oh (Practice) Award in 2018 and has showcased overseas in places such as Gallery Tomo in Kyoto, Japan.

Odelia Yen

About the Artist

Focusing on gender studies and existentialism, Yen’s current practice revolves around cyanotype printing and found objects. In exploring the collective memory, she works through notions of memory loss, misplacement and erasure. Yen is currently in her final year of Bachelor of Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts and was recently featured in Meshminds, VERE360 and Alliance Francaise in 2019.