The Boat That Moves Forward

Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman & Amirnorashid Bin Amari

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“The Boat That Moves Forward” is a photographic series from two Singaporean photographers that represents the reality of Rohingya children in the refugee camps.

In August 2017, Myanmar’s army launched a violent crackdown in its Rakhine State, forcing an estimated 700,000 Rohingya people to flee to Bangladesh to escape the persecution and destruction of their homes. Over half of these stateless Muslim minorities are children. Today, they live in horrific conditions in refugee camps spread across Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh.

Having won the 2014 and 2017 Moscow International Foto Awards respectively, FARN and AM seek to transport viewers into the shocking reality of Rohingya children living under these unimaginable environments through the language of crisis photography. They believe that it is a powerful and compelling medium capable of transcending language barriers and human emotion, instantly reminding us of the humanity and individuality of each child.

Combining their distinct styles of black and white imagery across analogue and digital photography, their deeply emotional work echoes universal themes of hope and struggle. The images serve to convey and facilitate important dialogue on the young refugee status and experience, giving voices to those without. Capturing vulnerable moments in first person perspective, the images connect the viewers to the harsh and uncomfortable living conditions of the Rohingya children, something that is too appalling to be merely expressed with words.

In these photographs, the viewers are not just seeing refugees, but children full of hopes and dreams. Children who are robbed of a safe and fulfilling childhood, unsure of their future. “The Boat That Moves Forward” bridges this gap and unfolds the resilience of these young refugees that despite these circumstances, they continue to move forward.

Artists' Bio

Muhammad Farhan Bin Osman

Also known as FARN, is a Singaporean photographer who loves to travel as it enables him to get inspired, capture, and learn about different cultures. He has also worked in photo and editorial journalism internationally. He is one of the few photographers in Singapore who still uses both analogue and digital cameras for his work. He prefers shooting in black and white, as he believes as it creates more depth and value for the audience.

Amirnorashid Bin Amari

Also known as AM, is a event photographer based in Singapore. Drawing inspiration through music, he loves to document the local underground punk and hardcore music scene as he uncovers beauty in the chaos of a mosh pit. An introvert by default, he finds the camera to be a great tool for him to step out of his comfort zone and meet people from all over the world. He has also photographed various events internationally and locally.