Planes & Envelopes

Ginette Chittick & Hazel Lim

  • Thu, Mar 21 - Sun, Apr 14 2019
    Open on weekends
  • Tue - Sat: 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-3pm, Closed on Mondays
  • Opening reception
    Wed, Mar 20, 19:00 - 23:00
  • Free entrance

“As two individuals whose professional practices are placed at opposite ends of the visual arts spectrum – Design and Fine Arts, our own artistic practices meet somewhere in the middle with the craft of weaving. This commonality led us to come together to question the place of our practices within the intersections of contemporary art, design and craft. Craft or “being crafty” is commonly devalued in the fields of Design and Fine Arts. We would like to bring into view a technique that is traditionally employed by females whose heritage and cultures are embedded in the craft practices.”

PLANES AND ENVELOPES is an art exhibition that brings together for the first time, two artists (Ginette Chittick and Hazel Lim) who employ the use of simple materials such as yarn and paper to create woven artworks that highlight the intersections of contemporary art, design and craft. Using pared down materials such as the kapok yarn and semi-translucent paper, they fashion them through intricate patterning to create large-scale objects. These objects celebrate the versatility of the materials used, highlighting their intrinsic forms, colours and materiality.


The title of this exhibition – Planes and Envelopes refers to the mountain and valley folds a weave makes, a modular pattern that can be permutated to produce a larger object. Ginette’s kapok cotton and wool blend is hand spun to fabricate a series of tapestries, and collaged with other materials such as wood. As for Hazel, she folds modularly made coloured pieces of paper repeatedly, joining them in an interlocking pattern to form larger, malleable pieces of sculptural forms that interact with light and shadows.


The repetitive process of weaving is vital to both artists’ in carving out their own personal space, untainted by other distractions, yet reflecting a ritualistic and meditative energy. It echoes the unseen labour and detailed hand work that females in many cultures engage in: weaving, embroidery, knitting, quilting, crocheting, tapestries, origami and basket weaving.

Artist's Bio

HAZEL LIM is a visual artist with a Masters degree in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of the Arts and a Bachelor degree in Sociology and Statistics from NUS. Trained in painting, she employs text, craft and drawings to articulate her interests in production of narratives, notions of displacement, construction of histories and imaginary landscapes. Her research delves into the inquiry about paint, alchemy and its associated narratives.

Besides being an artist and leading the BA(Hons) programme in the McNally School of Fine Arts , LASALLE College of the Arts, she has experiences in other aspects of art such as gallery management and contributing to artistic publications. She had taken part in exhibitions showcased in Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Ireland, US and Vietnam and had participated in international artists exchange programs such as the ASEF Creative Camp 2003 in Paris, Artists’ Workshop in Vietnam, 2005, Documenta: International Workshop for Art Academies in Germany during 2007 and Connected:09 at Pollau, Austria in 2009. Hazel was an Associate Artist with Substation, Singapore from 2004-2012 and is one of the artists commissioned for the Singapore Biennale 2013/2014 and showed her work entitled A Botanical and Wildlife Survey at the Singapore Peranakan Museum.

GINETTE CHITTICK is a member of one of Singapore’s pioneer ArtRock/Shoegaze bands, Astreal, a DJ and was a prolific punk musician and zinester of the mid 90s punk scene. Starting her graphic design exploration with grimy photostating machines, dot matrix printers, typewriters and cut-up-and-paste techniques, Ginette dug into the themes of sexual identity, Riot Grrrl, punk rock ideology and feminism in one huge slugfest of personal narratives. She was also the founder of the local Riot Grrrl chapter in Singapore. Originally trained as a web/graphic designer, her exploration into the realms of music, fashion, art, textiles/fibre and photography has led her to work on the themes of love, memory and experience, and the blurring of lines between the worlds of the three. Punk Rock imagery still very much influences her work, as does the DIY ideology which pervades her process of making. Having been interviewed by The Straits Times, Love Bonito and The Honey Combers for being an inspiration for females everywhere, she holds a Master of Art (Design) and leads the Diploma in Fashion at the School of Fashion, LASALLE College of the Arts.


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