Andreas Schlegel | Jo Ho | Kapilan Naidu | Mantravine | radarboy3000 | Mischief Makers

  • Sat, Jul 10 - Sat, Jul 24 2021
    Open on weekends
  • 11:00am - 7:00pm, Closed on Sundays
  • Opening Reception
    Fri, Jul 9, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Free entrance

Virtual reality sorcery. AI-generated art. Immersive music performance with frickin’ laser beams. Singapore’s first NFT art gallery showcase. Proudly presented by UltraSuperNew Gallery, Mischief Makers and Crypto Art Week Asia, FUTURE SPACE takes you on an epic journey into the metaverse.

Open your eyes to an eye-opening showcase of cutting-edge digital artworks curated by Crypto Art Week Asia (CAWA). Immerse yourself in a jaw-dropping live performance of experimental sound and innovative visual production by radarboy3000, Mantravine and Mischief Makers that is Luminescence. Come unprepared for a mind-warping virtual reality gallery experience, COUNTERPLACE+, courtesy of the artist Jo Ho. Take a peek into Andreas Schlegel’s ever-so-fleeting Machine Dreams that generate themselves. Question your existence in the digital realm with Doppelgänger by Kapilan Naidu. Transcend yourself through a breathtaking trip beyond reality on Cryptovoxels. Inspire your wretched soul with artist talks on the topics of crypto art, AI and new media explorations to reimagine what a “space” could be.

Could you be in three places at once? FUTURE SPACE says yes and know. Be wowed by reality – virtual, physical, metaphysical and metaphorical. Tell everyone you know, and don’t know.

This exhibition is proudly presented with key sponsors LG, the World’s No. 1 OLED TV Brand and Rebel Decibel, bringing start-of-the-art audio through its Funktion-One loudspeaker system.

COVID-19 regulations will be strictly adhered to, with temperature-taking and Trace Together required. Visitors are only allowed to come in groups of 2 at the most. Bookings for visits and artist talks can be made here and details are available on the FUTURE SPACE official Facebook event page.