Black Crow Taxidermy & Art

  • Sat, Oct 08 - Sun, Oct 30 2022
    Open on weekends
  • 11:00am - 8:00pm
  • Opening Night
    Fri, Oct 7, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Free entrance

Do you believe in fairies? Do you? Do you? Peter Pan does. So does Black Crow Taxidermy & Art. Come 8 October, UltraSuperNew Gallery presents a one-of-a-kind art exhibition that brings fantastical fiction into reality, where fairies and three-headed dogs exist. 

Exploring the intersection of art, science and nature, the exhibition goes beyond just traditional taxidermy. Black Crow debuts original works of art, from butterfly mandalas to canvas compositions using paint and clay, and other magnificent original creations. Expect to be enthralled by up-close-and-personal encounters with these creatures, that in their natural habitat, might flee at first sight. The sheer display of beauty and colours is sure to bring a newfound appreciation for nature, biodiversity and mythology. 

Suitable for the whole family, BELIEVE is a celebration of life and the depths of imagination. If you can think up an idea, it can manifest in reality.

About Black Crow Taxidermy & Art
Born from passion, and established in October 2021, Black Crow Taxidermy & Art (BCTA) combines Nature, Science & Art to create one-of-a-kind art pieces – filling the gap of creating an experiential & educational nature experience in our concrete jungle. 

Helmed by Vivian Tham, BCTA offers educational talks, workshops & pet preservation services. BCTA operates on a “no catch-no kill” policy with all their specimens and gives back to nature by conservation actions, donations & working with NGOs. 

BCTA works closely with various government organisations such as the Singapore Tourism Board, National Heritage Board and more to further advance the art of Taxidermy.

For more information, visit and follow us on Instagram
@ultrasupernewsg @blackcrow_taxidermy