assassiner la magie

Gaetan Boisson

  • Fri, Mar 25 - Fri, Apr 08 2022
    Open on weekends
  • 11:00am - 7:00pm
  • Opening Night
    Fri, Mar 25, 7:00pm - 10:00pm
  • Free entrance
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In today’s culture, we hide behind pretense, masking our insecurities and imperfections with carefully manicured Instagram accounts — painting a picture of perfection, beauty and joy. Some may say it’s pure, unadulterated delusion. Others call it self-preservation. How do we accept reality, with our desperate need to control the narrative as a means to accept and live with it?

In assassiner la magie, artist Gaetan Boisson explores the disconnection between reality and fantasy we create based on our perceptions, as a means to exercise control in an unpredictable world. The artist intentionally deconstructs his radical photo-taking process, and presents all its parts for viewing — exposing the magic trick and massacring what lies beneath. Audiences are confronted with these realities, inciting introspection of their own perceptions and impulses to mould the narrative.

Aim, shoot, repeat. 

Boisson reveals his full process over parts of the show, first showcasing a controlled and intentional process of nature photography, namely, trees. 4,096 photographs were shot and edited manually in a process that felt mechanical, methodical, and meticulous. These photographs were taken over multiple visits to Singapore’s parks at night, hundreds taken at a time.

Edit, beyond recognition. 

Next, a selection of edited photographs are presented. These are a result of photos fed into a trained AI that generates unique images. Resulting photographs vary in colour, shape and form — placed under the veil of heavy editing of the machine’s discretion, with 4294967296 possible iterations.

A curated collection of 10 large scale photographs in total are exhibited in assassiner la magie, along with projections and an augmented reality experience to showcase the totality of the work.

About the Artist 

A librarian with a background in biology, Gaetan Boisson takes his photographs with a radical attitude of using only manual settings and doing the strict minimum in post-processing. He augments the result of his work with tools from the field of artificial intelligence. Gaetan Boisson is based in Singapore, originally from France.

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100 copies of a new small scale art book “la pensée sauvage” will be released on opening night. Each copy is unique, with a different set of AI generated images. Opening night also brings a sonic experience like no other. Gaetan and Mantravine will be performing an audio-visual ambient live set with lush bass textures, warm healing vibrations featuring insects, birds and other natural sounds recorded from Sungei Buloh nature reserve. On closing night, SKALA will perform a gamelan and electronic music set. Tickets can be purchased here.


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